Why Mobile-Friendly Home Inspection Reports Matter

Technology is changing every industry, and the real estate industry is no exception. There used to be a time when home inspections were written on physical booklets or forms while on site. These were simply handed to the client to read immediately at the end of the inspection.

After that, software began to change not only the way reports were written but also how they were delivered. The standardization of PDFs allowed inspectors to deliver reports in a common format that was (and still is) widely accepted and accessible.

Today, the transition is continuing even further. While software is getting more powerful, the method of delivery is also being transformed. Studies and surveys consistently find that more and more people are using their smart phones to access data. Many companies have responded to this by making sure their websites look good on mobile phones, but what about home inspection reports?

Being able to deliver a home inspection report that is both web-based (hosted online in the “cloud”) and mobile friendly (looks great on mobile devices) can be a great way to stand out from other home inspection companies.

Here are some of the benefits of making the move to mobile friendly, web-based reports:


By offering a report on the web, you pretty much are guaranteeing access to anyone with a mobile phone (and maybe even so called “dumb” phones). The average home buyer probably has a cell phone with at least a basic data connection, and so the ability to read your report while sitting in the dentist’s office is a luxury that few could ever have dreamed of fifty years ago. If your client doesn’t have a phone with a data connection, they almost certainly will have an internet connection at home or at a nearby coffee shop.

Ease of Use

Let’s face it: few people enjoy scrolling through a 70-page PDF on their smart phone, which requires constantly zooming in and out to be able to read all of the details. Even if you are already providing a web-based report, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is mobile friendly. All “mobile friendly” means is that the report displays well on small screens and adjusts to allow easy reading of content without needing to zoom or constantly scroll side to side. No matter what device your client is using (whether it be a phone, a tablet or a laptop computer) the report should automatically adjust for their screen size and aspect ratio.

The "Cool" Factor

You might wonder why it would be such a big deal to offer web-based reports, and you might even think it’s all just a fad. It probably is! Only, it’s a fad that won’t go away any time soon. More and more people are used to – even expecting – content to be delivered to them online. You can take advantage of this perceived need by delivering beautiful and clean web-based inspection reports.

If you are interested in seeing what this can do for your home inspection business, try out a free account on RoomToRoom Web Reports. You can also check out our sample report to see what your own reports might look like. Just in case your client still wants it, RoomToRoom also automatically generates a PDF version.

Happy Inspecting!

Sam K.
-October 6, 2016

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