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How does billing work?

When you set up a paid plan, we will immediately bill your selected payment method for the price of the subscription. Afterward, you will be auto-billed each month. The date of billing depends on when you set up your paid subscription and will be in approximately 30 day intervals.

When is my inspection balance deducted?

Your balance of inspections will only be deducted whenever you publish a report and it cannot be refunded once published. However, if you realize that you need to make a change to a report, you can un-publish it and re-publish it as many times as you need and we will not deduct any additional inspections from your balance. Previewing or creating an inspection will not deduct from your balance either.

Do unused inspections roll over?

Yes! With our paid plans you can roll over any unused inspections up to that plan's limit. For example, if you are on a 20 inspection-per-month plan and only use two of your inspections for that month, the next month you will have 38 inspections. You can never have more than 40 inspections on that plan.

If you downgrade your plan, we will reduce any rolled-over inspections to the maximum allowed for the lower plan. For example, if you had the previously mentioned plan with 38 inspections in your balance and downgraded to a 10 inspection-per-month plan, we would reduce your inspection balance to 20.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

When you cancel your plan, we let you keep the inspections remaining in your account until the end of that plan's month. The next month, your inspection balance will be reduced to the free plan's limit, which is currently two.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

When you downgrade your plan from a higher to a lower-level plan, your higher plan will continue until the end of the current billing month. At the beginning of the next billing cycle you will be billed at the lower plan's price. See "Do unused inspections rollover?" for more information on what happens to the inspections in your account.

Are there any refunds?

In general, we do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions. The reason is that you can easily try out RoomToRoom Web Reports without paying a cent! Create a free account and try it out today.

That said, in unusual situations we may offer refunds after reviewing the situation.

How am I billed if I upgrade my plan?

If you upgrade your plan from an existing paid subscription, we will prorate the difference. For example, if you set up a plan and then immediately upgrade to a plan that is $10 more, you will simply be charged $10 since that is the difference.

The actual amount you are billed will depend on what day of the subscription's month you upgrade. You will be emailed the calculated amount that was billed once you complete the upgrade.


How do you typically do an inspection with RoomToRoom Web Reports?

RoomToRoom Web Reports comes with a free mobile app for on the job inspecting, called RoomToRoom Mobile. This app requires an account on but does not need internet access once you do an initial login. You use the mobile app to take down the inspection information on-site.

Once you are done with your inspection and have internet access, you simply press "Upload" and your report is uploaded to the cloud! Because of this and depending on how you do your inspections, it is possible for you to publish and send a report to your client while on-site (if you have an internet connection to your device).

How do I send a report to my client?

The beauty of RoomToRoom Web Reports is that you just need to send your client a link and a password we generate for each report. When your client opens this link, they will be prompted to enter the password and then they can view the web-based, mobile-friendly report.

From within the web report, clients can also download a PDF version of the report using a quick link.

Can you still download a PDF version of the report?


Do old reports expire and become unavailable after a certain point?

At this point, we have set no expiration for published reports, and your clients will be able to continue to view them after the inspection. There may come a point when we decide to put an expiration on reports (such as 1 year, for example), but we will certainly give notice to our users before we do so and quite possibly offer options to keep reports for longer than this.

As a general safety measure, we recommend inspectors download and archive a PDF version of each report they publish.

How do I publish a report?

On your main dashboard, click the "Inspections" menu option and then click "Edit" next to the inspection you would like to publish.

Once you have loaded your inspection, from the top menu select "Publish". You will be sent an email with the report link and password. You can always find the report link and password from the Inspections page on the dashboard.

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